About 8.6

A beer with a way of its own. It’s not a craft beer – and it’s definitely not a lager!

Intense yet easy to drink, 8.6 is brewed with integrity by Bavaria, an independent brewer that combines real ingredients with time-honoured expertise.

8.6 is just like the men who drink it: strong, authentic and confident. The intense taste makes it the perfect beer to fuel your inner spark. To feel switched on. Think of it as your reward for a hard day’s work – not to wind down – but to re-ignite and power on.

Easy to drink Hard to Forget

For almost 20 years, the 8.6 family of beers has been satisfying the thirst of strong men who want intense taste and rich flavour. Brewed with independence and integrity from real ingredients, each one is easy to drink with a name that’s hard to forget. Not familiar with our beers? Then it’s time you met the 8.6 family.